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When we decided to make our pasta we remembered what our grandparents told us about quality of the raw material and traditional processing techniques and then we remembered the emotions and the aromas of the wheat that we felt as children every time we went to play in the warehouses where the wheat was stored.

Sorelle Salerno's artisan pasta comes from the idea of ​​producing a fine, good and natural pasta, with very slow drying (from 18 to 30 hours) in order to maintain all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of our wheat, essential raw material.

Casa The origins of our company must be traced back to the late forties, when Giovanni and Gino Salerno began the grain trade using the carts pulled by mules for the delivery of products in the Calabrian hinterland and in the province of Messina. Later they bought the current fund of about two hundred hectares in location "Acqua della Quercia" in Cutro, for the cultivation and production of the precious cereal where, experimenting over time in eight different varieties of wheat and four varieties of legumes, we believe we have come to give life to a new way of making known and appreciating our homemade pasta. From the selection of these varieties of grains, today we have also been able to obtain the certification of our precious raw material.

Our wheat is indeed certified Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice). It means that we are controlled and that we must use only the products indicated by the certifying body so that, when we harvest our wheat, it is absolutely "pure", without any residues of chemical agents or harmful substances. Ours is a wholesome grain and therefore pasta will also be healthy pasta.

PentolaThe Sorelle Salerno project has already been on fire for some time. Our pot "mutters", like certain meat sauce, with the passing of time its perfumes become more dense and appetizing and are destined to get far. Now that the cooking is almost finished,
it's the right time to start lifting the lid a little and getting to know our story, waiting
to taste the quality of our pasta.

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