Sisters Salerno it is not the classic name of fantasy (because it sounds good!) but it is the name of Nunzia, Michela and Giuseppina. They are the three sisters Salerno, those who played with little girls in the grain stores and who grew up with that perfume and the typical attention of the families of the South of Italy.

carrettoIndeed the adventure of the Salerno Family started in the 40s when Giovanni, husband and father of the current owners, and Gino, brother-in-law and uncle of the same, began the trade of cerals using the carts and mules for the delivery of products. An essential role was that of Mamma Sina (abbreviation of Teresita), who from home has always been close to dad Giovanni and the three daughters with some advice or some anecdote, useful to move forward with confidence.

The goodness of pasta Salerno comes from the strength of the family. In fact, even today, during the harvest period, nobody can be transferred to the summer residence a few kilometers from the company, because you have to stay in place, where everyone gives his contribution: who takes care of the children, those of the house, who of others daily commitments.

padellaMamma Sina always takes care of the kitchen, her kingdom, making sure that, when you return home
after a long day of work, there is always something fresh and genuine to eat with recipes that
her mother taught her how to cook and who still today works in exactly the same way, like
for example, meatballs, salads, pasta with chickpeas or cod.



But if you are curious to know more about the Salerno sisters, here are some small notes for you:

Nunzia: the first-born is the one that among the sisters, characteristically, looks more like the parents: straight and tireless worker, thanks to this tenacity has graduated in Education and then also in Psychology.

fotoMichela: It is certainly the missing male, sly, explosive, sometimes too exuberant but of a boundless sweetness and a great lover of food. Precisely for this reason, his love is learning most of Mamma Sina's recipes.

Josephine: the third daughter knows in depth the culture, the context, the traditions of the place where she was born thanks to the friendships and ties that unite her to Cutro.

Today, in addition to conducting their company in harmony, they are all three happy wives and mothers.


The values ​​of the Salerno Sisters:

"The joy of living". It is indeed thanks to this Italian way of life that foreigners love us and envy us. With the pleasure of being together even during the preparation of the dish, Sorelle Salerno wants to offer the best of its products and convey them through a language common to all peoples: the language of good food, of eating and drinking well, of conviviality. Sorelle Salerno is an extraordinary journey for Italy to the consumers to discover the territories and our traditions, but also the recipes of our grandmothers, with useful tips on how to present the dish at the table and surprise guests.

What we believe adds value to what we do and makes it exclusive. "Working together" is the style of work and relationship of our family. In our small way we are committed to contributing to a healthier and just world. Listening, collaboration, fairness, transparency and consistency have guided us in our daily choices.

Today people often no longer exhibit doubts, but only certainties. We think that having doubts and uncertainties is a value which allows us to improve every day.

foto di famiglia

spiga di grano

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